2018 layouts


 Layout         Exhibitor MRC Scale/gauge and size Description
Nockingbigg EndTrevor GarnhamAssociation of 16mm Narrow Gauge Modellers16mm/32mm
30' x 10'
Nockingbigg End runs Narrow Gauge Trains that ran between 1900 to 1935. The Engines are Manufactured by various firms, and most are gas fired & radio controlled. Some engines are models of real engines and others are freelance models. Our rolling stock is made by us from a mixture of scratch built & kits. 
G Scale Junction (Thomas and Friends)Jack Parker-G scale/Gauge 1
20' x 14'
Our Thomas the Tank Engine and James the Red Engine are Lionel made in the US. The Toby the Tram Engine and Lady (from Thomas and the Magic Rail Road) were built from home. Most of the buildings are POLA-G, PIKO-G and some are custom built. The whole layout is powered by L.G.B’s M.T.S (Multi Train System) which allows us to run more than one train at a time. 
Ninety Pence Railway Roger Hampshire -4' x 3'

"Ninety Pence Railway" is based on a fictional town in the Swiss mountains. Built by an unknown person about 20 years ago, with its own carrying/display case, it has a working ski lift, lights in the houses, electric signals and points.   

Under the Dining TableRoger Hampshire         -N
6' x 3'
 "Under the Dining Table" is an ‘N’ gauge double track layout, and shows how a small unusual space can be used to create a working model railway. 
Jerry's Yard   Jerry Lewis   Banbury MRCOO
9' x 5'
Jerry’s Yard portrays a private goods yard set in the industrial Midlands with a connection to the national rail network.
This is an interactive layout - the Yardmaster (visitor) selects a loco, 4 wagons and a guards van from ‘ playing cards’. He/she then proceeds to shunt the train into the order based on the card draw and move the rolling stock from the sidings at the back of the layout down to the front, and when finished returns the loco to the engine shed. 
Frampton on Severn    David Fryer        
12' x 20"    

A branch line terminus in rural Gloucestershire, midway between Bristol and Birmingham. Built originally by the GWR to serve a small town, the local agricultural community and a busy dairy, running rights were also extended to the Midland Railway.
Byway                John GayOO
4'6" x 1'    
Byway is a fictional small BR urban Motive Power Depot set in the late steam era. The layout is used at shows to demonstrate sound equipped locos. John is happy to answer any technical questions you may have, be it DCC sound decoder installation, layout lighting or DCC control.
Koln Westbahnhof

Brian Silby N Gauge
10'6" x 1'   
Koln Westbahnhof is a small station in the west of the city and consists of a single double sided platform built on brick arches with staircase access to the street below. Trains come from the fiddle yard pass under the signal cabin and into the platform.
Ferndale Yard    Edward Neve 
7' x 3'
Set 1980-1986, Ferndale Yard is a Urban Maintenance Yard with a small Station and Parcels Yard. Watch as the 08631 "Eagle" Trundles through the Yard, shunting an array of highly detailed wagons. Ferndale Yard is operated by DCC, and a team of friendly operators. 
KinetonMike Collins N gauge
16' x 2'
 Kineton is a village in South Warwickshire on the former Stratford and Midland Junction Railway, the line which ran closest to our society clubhouse. The line closed to passenger trains in 1952, to goods traffic in 1965 and the station was eventually demolished during the 1970’s, to make way for a small industrial estate. Our model of Kineton station has been planned using typical research sources but also by interviewing older villagers to collect their memories of the railway and staff who worked on the line. 
Lego City   Asa Masterson  Set in Lego City, mini-figs rush round on the high-speed passenger train and goods, including gold from the mine, are transported from the cargo station on cargo trains based on both Diesel and electric locomotives. 
Great Western Society Gerry Norris  Find out about the Great Western Society, which is based at Didcot Railway Centre.