Past events

Scout Rail 2015 attracted around a thousand visitors - thank you to all of our exhibitors, traders, visitors and volunteers who made the weekend such a great success.

Take a look at our Gallery page for photographs of the weekend.

Layouts, exhibitors and traders at ScoutRail 2015
Hornby Vintage Railway
This is a layout of old Hornby ‘O’ Gauge tinplate trains that have survived from the 1920s and 1930s, with both clockwork and electric trains on show.
Nockingbigg End
Nockingbigg End runs live steam engines with rolling stock that is a mixture of scratch built and kits, depicting narrow gauge trains than ran from 1900 to 1935.

Thomas and LGB Friends
Thomas & L.G.B Friends is a G scale/ Gauge 1 layout. Recently rebuilt, it now consists of three ovals of track, several points to sidings, a cross-over track, a coal loading station and a new handmade turntable with engine sheds.

Ninety Pence Railway and Under the Dining Table
"Ninety Pence Railway" is based on a fictional town in the Swiss mountains. Built by an unknown person about 20 years ago, with its own carrying/display case, it has a working ski lift, lights in the houses, electric signals and points.   

"Under the Dining Table" is an ‘N’ gauge double track layout, and shows how a small unusual space can be used to create a working model railway. 

Sabins End
This layout is built to TT gauge which is 3mm - 1’ scale running on 12mm gauge track. Sabins End is a small country terminus station somewhere in England.

Tanybwlch station marks the half way point on the Ffestiniog Railway. The layout is set from the late 1990’s onward which allows vintage and modern coaching stock to be run, hauled by locos associated with the line, such as Double & Single Fairlies, George England saddle tanks, ex Penrhyn Hunslets and the Funkey diesel. 

Jerry's Yard
Jerry’s Yard is built in 00 gauge by members of Banbury MRC. It portrays a private goods yard set in the industrial Midlands with a connection to the national rail network.

Jabulani Sidings
Jabulani Sidings is a free-lance layout based on a small GWR branch line. The layout is set between 1929 and 1947, has two sidings for wagon shunting and a small siding for locos to wait while getting re-coaled and watered. The layout features some of the most recognizable GWR locos such as the pannier tank and prairie tank locos.

Pendon Museum
Pendon Museum preserves the idyllic rural scene of the 1920s and 30s in miniature form.

Didcot Railway Centre

A display of information about Didcot Railway Centre detailing their exhibitions, events and projects.

The Lynton & Barnstaple Railway Thames Valley Support Group
They will be displaying their wares and talking about The Trust.


Finishing Touches
Produce and sell a unique range of Weathering Powders, Weathering acrylic paints. An ever increasing selection of hand painted Saxondale Resin Wagon Loads and Accessories in ‘N’ gauge and the American HO & N> We also sell the full range of Aidan Campbell 4mm miniatures and a good selection of adhesives plus a lot of hard to find items including Taps & Dies and a very good range of useful hand help modelling tools. We are always happy to discuss any queries regarding modelling.  

Keith Model Railways
Second hand and little new. Accessories for most gauges. Items bought, service, repairs, DCC chips service. Items bought and part exchanged, collections bought for spares, layouts dismantled. 

Neil Cresswell Model Railways

Trading in new Hornby and high quality 2nd -hand model railways and “OO” scale buses and vehicles.Also “0”,“Ho” and “N” gauges stocked. UK, USA and continental makes and models sold. Buy, sell, exchange any model, make and condition considered. All internet prices matched. Can undertake repairs, repaints, weathering and locore-numbering to a high standard (examples always in stock).

Andy Lynch
A good selection of pre-owned model railways in various makes and gauges. Your surplus items/sets/collections are always wanted. Cash paid. A fair price is always offered. 

The Train Man
Selling? As we are always looking to refresh our stocks, we would be happy to quote for any surplus items you may wish to sell or part exchange. Buying?  A plethora of new and pre-owned model railway artefacts chosen to titillate discerning collectors and modellers alike. You probably didn’t now you needed it until you saw it here! 

John Sutton Books and Models